Monday, March 28, 2011

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry
Blog. Twitter. Face book.
As soon as I hear the words, my mind goes blank. What do I say? And who will care? If I have nothing spectacular to say, should I say it anyway? Does anyone really care how many loads of dirty laundry I did today, or how many pages I wrote? What about edits?
Electronic media has taken over. A writer’s writing day is filled with getting words down on paper: the WIP, the blog, Face book updates. Interactions with colleagues, virtual and otherwise. Reading others’ blogs, visiting favorite sites, networking with others.
Building a platform, one word at a time. A hard job, but I can do it.
Twitter? A bird of another color. “Nothing earth-shaking going on here worth tweeting,” I say. “Three loads of laundry down, four to go,” Tweet I. Someday I hope to have something fabulous to report. In the meantime, mundane will have to do.
Building a nest, one tweet at a time.
A hard job, but I can do it.