Friday, April 19, 2013

Using Photos For Inspiration

Recently, I’ve been perusing photos, searching for one that matches my visions of what my protagonists look like. Each pic has some resemblance to one of the heroes, but none is exactly right. It’s like the three bears: too tall, too short, too many tattoos…none was just right.

After awhile, the “research” became a distraction from the WIP—not a bad one, mind you—and I didn’t get anything done.
Then I ran across this photo: a guy sans clothes sitting in a chair by the window, gazing outside. He looks rather pensive. I wondered “Why does he look that way? Has his lover just left? Did his lover never show for their rendezvous? Did they break up?”

And just like that, I was on to a story idea that had nothing to do with the WIP, but a nugget for a tale of some sort. I jotted down the brainstorm, put it in my “story ideas” notebook, and exited the photo site.

What do YOU do for inspiration?

Once upon a misspent youth, Whitley read and wrote stories under the covers at night. At some point, real life intervened, bringing with it responsibilities and a career in the medical field. After years of technical writing, Whitley became enamored of romance and took on the challenge of giving it a try. Inventing characters and putting them through paces in interesting ways turned out to be addictive, and along the way, Whitley discovered that two heroes is twice as nice. A pot of coffee, quiet, and a storyline featuring a couple of guys makes for a perfect day. Stop by and feed your need for heat between the sheets with erotica and M/M romance.

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