Sunday, February 10, 2013

Part 3: Meredith Medical Center Special Valentine's Edition

I'm posting a special Valentine's Day story, one section daily with the final part on February 14th. Today is the third installment. On February 14th I'll post the whole story with part 7 at the end.
This is a sensual M/F adventure--Enjoy! Comment daily! I'll give away a copy of my anthology Going For Gold on Valentine's Day!

Part 3:
Tee gazed at him, hands in the pockets of her white coat. She looked… different. Wait a minute. Her hair was down, not twisted up and skewered with a stick. And lipstick. He let his gaze drop to the view below her knees.

No scrubs. Stilettos. Red as blood and twice as hot. Jed swallowed and dropped into his desk chair. She must have a hot date. Tee usually wore flats or athletic footwear.

“First question. Do you like my shoes?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah.”

Tee unbuttoned her white coat, and pulled it off. A dress the color of claret, strapless and mid-thigh hemline. And it fit Tee like a latex glove. Tee had curves?

“How about the dress?”

“Nice. Very nice.” He shifted in his chair. His cock thought the dress was extraordinary. A good thing he was sitting behind his desk.

Tee stepped toward his desk and put her hands on the edge. Red nail polish. Must be an important date. Tee never wore polish.

“And the manicure?”

“Unexpected, but also nice.” Was she going to insist he comment on everything? She had to know she looked terrific. Looked good, smelled good. Wonder if she tasted good…. Get your mind out of her pants, Ritter.

“You think it’s the kind of look a man would appreciate?” She leaned over, propping her elbows on the glossy wood.

Cleavage. Jed bit back a groan.

“You don’t need me to tell you that.” He didn’t recognize the husky voice as his. Want tiptoed down his spine.

Tee straightened and sidled around the desk. He pulled his chair in. Were the shadows deep enough to cover the erection tenting his pants?

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