Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I meant to write this blog last month.

Somehow, time got away from me. I've been working on the resurrection of an old story; it's taking a long time. Maybe too long. The fact that I've put it aside multiple times in favor of other projects doesn't help. This has been going on for three years. Despite my determination to finish the manuscript, I'm afraid I'll procrastinate yet again.

Writers procrastinate a lot, especially when they are stuck on a plot snarl, or facing a blank page, paralyzed by writer's block.

Writers spend too much time on Facebook, Youtube, and reading stories in publications like Buzzfeed.

Sometimes, writers want everything to be perfect. When it's not going well, it's horrible. The words squeeze painfully onto the page. It's like using a paper cut to donate blood. 

I know some advocate "just get something down on paper, even if it's garbage." I find this leads to massive deletion later. Instead, I leave this note:

        "NEED MORE HERE"

in bold red type and go on to the next scene. My manuscript has a baker's dozen of these, which I'm struggling to fill in. Perfection needs to take a backseat to completion.

If I ever finish the story, I'm sure it'll be awesome.