Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa Baby, Hurry..

Key Eartha Kitt--Santa Baby.*
For Christmas this year, I'd like a helping of inspiration wrapped up in XY chromosomes. That's medical-ese for "a guy."
Not a real live flesh-and-blood one--a hero.

This month I started a new MS. The last one is on the submission launching pad, and it's time to do something new. I didn't do NaNo as I was fine-tuning the last MS, so I suppose I'm having a private NaNo ala December. Just need a character to get started...

With my head full of the Christmas stories I've read the last couple of weeks (yeah, Christmas anthologies are my favorite) I seem to be at a loss for a hero or two of my own.As far as I'm concerned, he could fall out of the sky in a clump of snowflakes; whatever it takes.
Back to daydreaming. Otherwise, I may be asking for more under the tree than Chritmas cookies. So please, Santa Baby...

*To see Eartha sing Santa Baby, click here: Eartha!