Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #74: New Year's With Cobey and Michael from Artistic Endeavor

Welcome to the blog of Whitley Gray—cops and doctors in hot water. And My Sexy Saturday! Here are seven paragraphs from the book Artistic Endeavor—the new bonus scenes that take place on New Year’s Eve.

Artistic Endeavor—previously available as part of the Campus Cravings anthology—is now available now as a standalone. The book has added bonus scenes. Here’s Michael and Cobey after the strike of midnight…

“Oh my God, Michael.” Cobey turned in a circle, taking in the room. Rich carpet in warm colors, a sitting area with a couch and chairs covered in indigo velvet, and a picture window with a view of the river, sparkling with lights in a spectrum from white to gold to blue. Taking center stage in the room was a king-sized bed. The creamy sheets were turned down, and a foil-covered chocolate sat on each pillow. The whole place smelled of cinnamon and pine.

“Like it?” Michael hugged him from behind.

Cobey turned to face him and wound his arms around Michael’s neck. “I love it. But you shouldn’t have.”

“Anything for you.” Michael’s smile gleamed in the low light. “Champagne?”

There had been champagne downstairs, too. “Maybe just one glass.”

Michael kissed him on the neck and pulled Cobey toward the sofa. The bubbly sat in an ice bucket, uncorked and ready to go—just like in the movies. Michael poured half a flute for each of them and handed one glass to Cobey.

“To us.” Michael’s voice had gotten a bit rough. “May this New Year’s Eve be the first of many.”

“To us.” What else could he say? “You are the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Michael’s blue eyes crinkled. “Ditto.”

Cobey clinked his glass against Michael’s with a musical ching. They locked gazes and each took a sip. The bubbles tickled Cobey’s tongue, but Michael’s frank gaze had tickled lower parts. Sensitive parts. Cobey set his champagne on the table. “I…I’d like to try out the bed now.”
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