Monday, February 11, 2013

Part 4: Meredith Medical Center Special Valentine's Edition

I'm posting a special Valentine's Day story, one section daily with the final part on February 14th. Today is the fourth installment. On February 14th I'll post the whole story with part 7 at the end.
This is a sensual M/F adventure--Enjoy! Comment daily! I'll give away a copy of my anthology Going For Gold on Valentine's Day!

Part 4:
Behind him, the shades clattered down. Tee appeared in his peripheral vision and perched on the left-hand corner of his desk.

His cock gave an excited throb, pushing against his zipper.

Tee lifted a stiletto-clad foot and pushed the chair out from the desk. She glanced at his lap and smiled. “A little uncomfortable?”

Jed’s face heated and he groaned. Busted. “A lot uncomfortable.”

A fingertip lifted his chin. “Would you like my medical opinion about what might help?”

A cold shower. Throwing her on the couch. Bending her over the desk. Another groan escaped.

“Let’s try this.” Tee leaned in and put her lips on his.

Soft, but warm. Felt nice. Very nice. He clasped her waist and eased her into his lap. She didn’t break the kiss, but her arms went around his neck. The pressure on his groin put him somewhere between ache and anguish. Hurt. So. Good.

Had to get relief. Was she going to follow through with this? All the way through? Or would this be yet another bad Valentine’s Day memory?

He licked at her lips, and she obliged, opening. A hot tongue met his. She tasted like dark chocolate and coffee and mint, a warm Valentine treat. He stroked her mouth, teasing and testing. Tee met him thrust for thrust and wriggled in his lap. Friction ran along his cock, building pressure.

Tee nipped his bottom lip, then leaned back. “What do you think? Is this therapy helping?”

“I think it’s worse,” he gasped.

“Let’s try a different remedy.”

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