Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Part 5: Meredith Medical Center Special Valentine's Edition

I'm posting a special Valentine's Day story, one section daily with the final part on February 14th. Today is the fifth installment. On February 14th I'll post the whole story with part 7 at the end.
This is a sensual M/F adventure--Enjoy! Comment daily! I'll give away a copy of my anthology Going For Gold on Valentine's Day!

Part 5:
Tee slid off his lap. The ache jumped up, his testicles complaining, until her fingers went to his belt. With a clink, she had the buckle open. The button on his pants was next, and his zipper lowered, its faint vibrations tracking along his cock. Warm fingers freed him from his boxers.

“How’s this? Better?” She squeezed gently.

His lips pulled back from his teeth. “Tee, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

She stroked up the underside of his erection, nails scraping along the vein. Shit. If she kept this up, he’d come in his pants and embarrass himself. And he had to work with her. Hell, he was her boss.

Her thumb ran across the slit, spreading the leaking precome, and he bucked.

“Jed, I think hydrotherapy might help.” Tee dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth.

Holy hell. Hot velvet surrounded him. Tee sucked hard, pulling him in all the way, then relaxed, tongue cradling the underside as she withdrew. She worked her lips over the crown, dipped into the slit with her tongue, then another hard draw to the root. Hard, relax, swirl.

He ran his hands into her hair, and focused on holding off his release. Tee’s hazel gaze locked with his, and she slid back, letting go with a wet pop.


He couldn’t speak— only pant. She couldn’t do this, damn it all. His balls ached like he’d been kneed.

“Poor Jed. It’s hard, isn’t it?” Her pink tongue lapped the ridge.

Hard? Hard and frustrated.

She slowly rose to her feet, propped her hands on the arms of his chair, and leaned forward. His ear got a dose of hot breath and wet tongue.

“What… are you… doing… to me?”

Tee straightened and stepped back. “I did have a couple of other questions.”

“I can’t take any more of your questions.”

“But your advice is important.”

Now what?

Join me tomorrow for Part Six!
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