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Meredith Medical Center Special Valentine's Edition: The Whole Story

For the last week, I've posted a special Valentine's Day story, one section daily. Today I've posted the entire story, start to finish. This is a sensual M/F adventure--Enjoy! Comment daily! I'll give away a copy of my anthology Going For Gold on Valentine's Day!

The Complete Story:

Meredith City is a major health care hub, located in the upper Midwest. With a large trauma center, doctors covet the training positions and put up with difficult schedules in exchange for the opportunity. Not all of the opportunities are purely medical…

Dr. Jed Ritter pinched the bridge of his nose. An endless day. Over.

He hoped. As soon as he got out of here and home to a beer or five and unconsciousness.

He unlocked the office and pushed the door open.

Red paper hearts festooned his secretary’s desk. Sitting among them, a clear plastic heart flashed “Be My Valentine” in red LED lights.

Jed blew out a breath and closed the office door. Another reminder of his least favorite day of the year.

In two strides, he crossed the office and grabbed the heart, slid the switch to “off.” He held it over the trashcan, then set it back on the desk. Not fair to Mary to throw it away. His secretary had gone out of her way to cheer him up.

An impossible feat.

Alison had insisted she and Jed marry on Valentine’s Day, saying he’d never forget their anniversary that way.

Five years later, she’d served him with divorce papers on Valentine’s Day. And now, here he was, on the third anniversary of his divorce, alone— on Valentine’s Day. Yep, he’d never forget anything related to this hideous holiday.

He stepped around the secretary’s desk to his office door. Chief of Cardiology, Dr. Jed Ritter, engraved in black on a gold rectangle. Beneath his nameplate, someone had taped a red envelope, addressed in white ink: To the head of the Heart Department.

He pulled it loose and shook his head. He should give Mary a raise. Had to be the most dedicated secretary in the building. He opened the flap and pulled out a card.

A heart, hand-rendered in fuchsia and tangerine, with a Band-Aid across the front. He ran a finger across the painting, then flipped to the inside. A hand-written message. Huh. Not his secretary’s precise script. More like a doctor’s handwriting.

Dear Dr. Ritter,

Today is the cardiologist’s own holiday, and as a heart specialist, your presence is requested at a private celebration.

The Queen of Hearts

What the hell? Who was the Queen of Hearts? And of all the men on the planet, why would she want to celebrate with him? He turned the card over. Nothing on the back.

The Queen had neglected to give him an address. Well, that clenched it. A great excuse for not showing up. Home to beer and bed. He opened his office door and tossed the card on his desk, then pulled off his white coat and hung it on the back of the door.

No pink message slips on his blotter. No cards. No hearts with flashing lights, thank God.

He turned toward the window. The medical office building across the street had left on lights to form the shape of a heart. Jed made a fist and smacked the window.

Damn it, everywhere he looked were reminders of this non-holiday. He wheeled around and marched into the lavatory. One of the perks of being chief: his own private bathroom. The hospital had even put in a shower for those nights he didn’t get home.

And the nights he didn’t go home, unwilling to face his lifeless bachelor apartment.

He cranked on the cold water and splashed his face, then looked up at his reflection.

He jumped.

A woman in a white coat stood behind him, grinning in the mirror. “Hi, Jed. Thought I might find you here.”

Dr. Theodosia Krakowski, known as Tee Kay to her colleagues. To those who wished to keep their testicles, anyway.

Five foot three of dark-haired hazel-eyed firecracker. The only female physician in his department.

He grabbed a towel and scrubbed at his face. Thank God he hadn’t been relieving himself with the door open. “Hey, Tee. What’s up?”

“Had a few questions for you. I need some advice.”

Christ. And just when he thought he’d be out of here. He pivoted and brushed by her as he edged out of the bathroom. Tee smelled good. Really good. Probably had a hot date. “Uh, can it wait? I really need to get out of here.”

He dug in his desk drawer for his car keys. Where had the little suckers gone? He always put them—

“Nope. Can’t wait. Has to be tonight.”

He planted his hands on the desktop and hung his head. Don’t yell. It’s not her fault this is Valentine’s Day. “Okay. Shoot.”

He planted his hands on the desktop and hung his head. Don’t yell. It’s not her fault this is Valentine’s Day. “Okay. Shoot.”

“Have a seat, Jed.”

“That’s not a question. And why do I have to sit? How long is this going to take?”

“Not long.” She closed the office door and thumbed the lock.

Tee gazed at him, hands in the pockets of her white coat. She looked… different. Wait a minute. Her hair was down, not twisted up and skewered with a stick. And lipstick. He let his gaze drop to the view below her knees.

No scrubs. Stilettos. Red as blood and twice as hot. Jed swallowed and dropped into his desk chair. She must have a hot date. Tee usually wore flats or athletic footwear.

“First question. Do you like my shoes?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah.”

Tee unbuttoned her white coat, and pulled it off. A dress the color of claret, strapless and mid-thigh hemline. And it fit Tee like a latex glove. Tee had curves?

“How about the dress?”

“Nice. Very nice.” He shifted in his chair. His cock thought the dress was extraordinary. A good thing he was sitting behind his desk.

Tee stepped toward his desk and put her hands on the edge. Red nail polish. Must be an important date. Tee never wore polish.

“And the manicure?”

“Unexpected, but also nice.” Was she going to insist he comment on everything? She had to know she looked terrific. Looked good, smelled good. Wonder if she tasted good…. Get your mind out of her pants, Ritter.

“You think it’s the kind of look a man would appreciate?” She leaned over, propping her elbows on the glossy wood.

Cleavage. Jed bit back a groan.

“You don’t need me to tell you that.” He didn’t recognize the husky voice as his. Want tiptoed down his spine.

Tee straightened and sidled around the desk. He pulled his chair in. Were the shadows deep enough to cover the erection tenting his pants?

Behind him, the shades clattered down. Tee appeared in his peripheral vision and perched on the left-hand corner of his desk.

His cock gave an excited throb, pushing against his zipper.

Tee lifted a stiletto-clad foot and pushed the chair out from the desk. She glanced at his lap and smiled. “A little uncomfortable?”

Jed’s face heated and he groaned. Busted. “A lot uncomfortable.”

A fingertip lifted his chin. “Would you like my medical opinion about what might help?”

A cold shower. Throwing her on the couch. Bending her over the desk. Another groan escaped.

“Let’s try this.” Tee leaned in and put her lips on his.

Soft, but warm. Felt nice. Very nice. He clasped her waist and eased her into his lap. She didn’t break the kiss, but her arms went around his neck. The pressure on his groin put him somewhere between ache and anguish. Hurt. So. Good.

Had to get relief. Was she going to follow through with this? All the way through? Or would this be yet another bad Valentine’s Day memory?

He licked at her lips, and she obliged, opening. A hot tongue met his. She tasted like dark chocolate and coffee and mint, a warm Valentine treat. He stroked her mouth, teasing and testing. Tee met him thrust for thrust and wriggled in his lap. Friction ran along his cock, building pressure.

Tee nipped his bottom lip, then leaned back. “What do you think? Is this therapy helping?”

“I think it’s worse,” he gasped.

“Let’s try a different remedy.”

Tee slid off his lap. The ache jumped up, his testicles complaining, until her fingers went to his belt. With a clink, she had the buckle open. The button on his pants was next, and his zipper lowered, its faint vibrations tracking along his cock. Warm fingers freed him from his boxers.

“How’s this? Better?” She squeezed gently.

His lips pulled back from his teeth. “Tee, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

She stroked up the underside of his erection, nails scraping along the vein. Shit. If she kept this up, he’d come in his pants and embarrass himself. And he had to work with her. Hell, he was her boss.

Her thumb ran across the slit, spreading the leaking precome, and he bucked.

“Jed, I think hydrotherapy might help.” Tee dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth.

Holy hell. Hot velvet surrounded him. Tee sucked hard, pulling him in all the way, then relaxed, tongue cradling the underside as she withdrew. She worked her lips over the crown, dipped into the slit with her tongue, then another hard draw to the root. Hard, relax, swirl.

He ran his hands into her hair, and focused on holding off his release. Tee’s hazel gaze locked with his, and she slid back, letting go with a wet pop.


He couldn’t speak— only pant. She couldn’t do this, damn it all. His balls ached like he’d been kneed.

“Poor Jed. It’s hard, isn’t it?” Her pink tongue lapped the ridge.

Hard? Hard and frustrated.

She slowly rose to her feet, propped her hands on the arms of his chair, and leaned forward. His ear got a dose of hot breath and wet tongue.

“What… are you… doing… to me?”

Tee straightened and stepped back. “I did have a couple of other questions.”

“I can’t take any more of your questions.”

“But your advice is important.”

Now what?

Her hand went to the side of her dress, and the red parted. Fascinating. He watched the hemline slide down her legs until the thing sat in a red pool on the floor. She stepped out, and he looked up.


“How about the lingerie? A good choice?”

The lingerie, such as it was, couldn’t be better. A strapless bra and matching thong, rendered in red satin with tiny white hearts. His mouth became a desert, tongue paralyzed.

“Maybe you need a closer look.” She strolled forward, and turned.

Tee had a nice ass. A perfect heart-shaped butt. His hands shook as he ran them over the bare skin. Smooth, warm. The thong had a red bow at the juncture of the string and waistband. He wanted to pull the thing off by the bow.

She turned in his hands and placed her palms on his shoulders, ran them down his chest and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. He grabbed her wrists.

“What are we doing here? I mean, really.”

Tee pulled open the top left drawer of his desk. What in the hell was she doing now?

She tossed something on his blotter.

Jed licked his lips as he picked up the playing card and flipped it over. The Queen of Hearts. Holy shit. Tee was the Queen.

“We’re celebrating.” She leaned down, looked him in the eye. “Got tired of waiting for you to see beyond the scrubs and white coat.”

Strength deserted him. She made short work of his buttons, and then gripped his waistband. “Lift.”

She who must be obeyed. He lifted, and the pants went to his ankles.

“You know what’s great about this thong?”

Everything. Including what it covered. He shook his head.

“Tiny button on the back.” Tee reached behind her, and moved her legs apart. The string fell between her thighs. “Crotchless.”

Tee pulled open another drawer.

What was next? More playing cards? Handcuffs? He sagged in his chair.

A string of red foil hearts rose from the drawer.

Aw, shit. A Valentine? He started to get up, and Tee dangled the string in front of his nose.

Condoms. In heart-shape red foil packages.

Now that was a gift. His cock got hard as a steel instrument.

“I’m going to give you your Valentine, so sit verrrry still.”

Jed froze. Her wish, his command.

Tee tore open a foil heart, then unrolled a red condom down his length. He gritted his teeth, willing his sensitive cock not to command his hips to thrust.

Then the lovely Queen of Hearts straddled him and lowered onto his erection.

Heat surrounded him in a firm erotic grip. This time he thrust. Tee moved up and down, riding him like a Merry-go-round, and he met her down strokes with a firm push into her body. He licked his thumb and reached beneath the thong to her swollen clit, and Tee gasped and grabbed his wrist.

“Come on, Tee. Fair… is… fair.” He punctuated his words with thrusts. He pinched the nub, and she threw back her head and moaned. Her grip relaxed.

She reached behind her, and the bra landed in what was left of his lap. Lovely breasts, full and pink-tipped, danced before him.

He grabbed her waist and held her still. “Oh my God.” He stuck his tongue out and licked her left nipple, then drew it into his mouth. Cherries and cream sang on his tongue. Dessert. A decadent dessert.


Here we go, sweetheart. If she was the Queen, he’d sure as hell be her King. He took full advantage, suckling until she moaned. Tee slid her hands into his hair and hung on.

Yeah. A little turnabout. He smiled and moved a hand to her nape, pulled her in for a deep kiss. She bounced on his lap, harder, faster, and he resumed massaging her clit. He gently squeezed, and she threw back her head, pulsing around him, shuddering.


Tension gathered in the small of his back and arrowed down. His testicles drew up and he thrust hard, then dove off a cliff, headlong into a pounding release. The room disappeared in a flash of white.

Hours or heartbeats later, he opened his eyes. Tee had collapsed against his chest, and their damp skin stuck together. He wrapped his arms around her.

“Tee? You Okay?”

“I’m well pleased with the celebration, Jedidiah.” She leaned back, and met his gaze, a grin on her face. “And you can call me Theo.”

How had he never seen how beautiful she was? This incredible woman, right there in his department, and he’d not recognized anything beyond the cardiologist?

“Happy Heart Specialist’s Holiday, your Majesty.”

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