Saturday, June 29, 2013

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From Shoot for the Gold (part of the Going For Gold anthology):

“Matt, I…that is, we…hell, I’m your doctor. This isn’t very professional, and….” He raised a hand, let it drop. “We shouldn’t do this.”

Ethics, schmethics. A quick fix for that. “I’ll have someone else take care of me if I need to go to the clinic. Then you won’t be my doctor.”

“I can’t just quit taking care of you.”

“Okay, you’re fired.”

Levi blinked. “What?”

“You’re. Fired.” Matt chuckled and shifted forward in his seat. “Problem solved. You didn’t quit, and I’m not your patient.”

Biting his lip, Levi glanced away, then back. “I still don’t know if I — if we — should do this.”

“You do know.” Matt could see the resistance melting away. He leaned forward and touched his lips to Levi’s in a soft kiss. “Stay or go?”

Letting out a gusty sigh, Levi nodded. “Stay.”

Once Levi had made the decision, his inhibitions toppled, and he jumped to his feet. Matt met him halfway. They fell into each other’s arms, picking up where they’d left off, skipping the hesitancy over stripping and literally baring it all. Between kisses, they threw off shoes and shirts and jeans and boxers.

Together, they fell on the bed face to face, and Levi explored the body that had tortured him in the clinic the last few days. It was pure pleasure to touch Matt in a nonclinical way, stroke the contours of his chest, his back, his butt, and kiss his warm skin. Anticipation vibrated through his athletic frame, and Levi sought out Matt’s mouth. Matt’s hands closed on Levi’s ass, and he savored the feel of big palms pressing them together, cocks dueling in the tight space.

--Shoot For The Gold

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