Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Part 6: Meredith Medical Center Special Valentine's Edition

I'm posting a special Valentine's Day story, one section daily with the final part on February 14th. Today is the sixth installment. Tomorrow I'll post the whole story with Part 7 at the end.
This is a sensual M/F adventure--Enjoy! Comment daily! I'll give away a copy of my anthology Going For Gold on Valentine's Day!

Part 6:
Her hand went to the side of her dress, and the red parted. Fascinating. He watched the hemline slide down her legs until the thing sat in a red pool on the floor. She stepped out, and he looked up.


“How about the lingerie? A good choice?”

The lingerie, such as it was, couldn’t be better. A strapless bra and matching thong, rendered in red satin with tiny white hearts. His mouth became a desert, tongue paralyzed.

“Maybe you need a closer look.” She strolled forward, and turned.

Tee had a nice ass. A perfect heart-shaped butt. His hands shook as he ran them over the bare skin. Smooth, warm. The thong had a red bow at the juncture of the string and waistband. He wanted to pull the thing off by the bow.

She turned in his hands and placed her palms on his shoulders, ran them down his chest and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. He grabbed her wrists.

“What are we doing here? I mean, really.”

Tee pulled open the top left drawer of his desk. What in the hell was she doing now?

She tossed something on his blotter.

Jed licked his lips as he picked up the playing card and flipped it over. The Queen of Hearts. Holy shit. Tee was the Queen.

“We’re celebrating.” She leaned down, looked him in the eye. “Got tired of waiting for you to see beyond the scrubs and white coat.”

Strength deserted him. She made short work of his buttons, and then gripped his waistband. “Lift.”

She who must be obeyed. He lifted, and the pants went to his ankles.

“You know what’s great about this thong?”

Everything. Including what it covered. He shook his head.

“Tiny button on the back.” Tee reached behind her, and moved her legs apart. The string fell between her thighs. “Crotchless.”

Tee pulled open another drawer.

What was next? More playing cards? Handcuffs? He sagged in his chair.

A string of red foil hearts rose from the drawer.

Aw, shit. A Valentine? He started to get up, and Tee dangled the string in front of his nose.

Condoms. In heart-shape red foil packages.

Now that was a gift. His cock got hard as a steel instrument.

“I’m going to give you your Valentine, so sit verrrry still.”

Jed froze. Her wish, his command.

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion of the story! I'll post it from beginning to end, in is entirety.
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