Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #65: Meet Jeff and Ash from Rabbit Wars

Welcome to the blog of Whitley Gray—cops and doctors in hot water. And My Sexy Saturday! Here are seven paragraphs from the book Rabbit Wars. Jeff has returned home after months overseas as the supervising architect on a construction project…

Jeff could hardly wait to run his fingers through Deak’s auburn hair and watch Deak’s green eyes take on that heavy-lidded look, the one that meant hold on for a wild ride for the rest of the night. The thought made his heart give a happy leap.

Reunions were the best.

The elevator doors opened, and he stepped out, pulling the suitcases behind him. At the door to 3-A, Jeff let himself in. A single light was on in the living room, and the place smelled like home: lemon furniture polish, houseplants, and wet dog. Deak’s Jack Russell terrier, however, was nowhere in sight. That was fine. Sissy despised Jeff, and he didn’t want to start out by asking Deak to put the bitch in the bathroom.

From down the hall came the sound of the treadmill and Lady Gaga. Jeff grinned. Deak was working out. He’d be shirtless and sweaty and shiny, hair shoved off his face, every muscle outlined… Hot. Very hot.

Jeff set the carry-on down, toed off his shoes, and tossed his coat over the suitcases. He ignored the mail; he had something better to do—like get into an intimate tangle with a hot man. He grabbed the champagne and headed toward the music.

As he sneaked down the hall, panting and grunting joined the music. Maybe Deak had the TV on? Jeff paused. Maybe he had porn on. In that case, Jeff wanted to reach him before Deak climaxed. The poor guy had probably jacked off as much as Jeff had over the past four months. He’d start with a kiss, and then strip…

Hefting the champagne, Jeff whipped around the corner. The word “surprise” died in his throat.

It certainly was a surprise. A sweaty, shiny Deak had a dark-haired guy bent over the weight bench, the slap of skin against skin matching the tempo of the music. Jeff couldn’t move, couldn’t peel his gaze from the tableau torturing him. The dog walker? The window reflected Jeff’s shocked expression back at him.

Rabbit Wars is available at Loose Id,   All Romance Ebooks, and Amazon. 

More about Rabbit Wars:

After two months in Dubai supervising a construction project, architect Jefferson Fontaine returns home to find his boyfriend boffing the dog walker. Reeling, Jeff grabs his dignity and departs. The arrival of a mysterious wicker box and a letter requesting Jeff’s presence for the reading of a local entrepreneur’s will sends Jeff to his hometown of Crooked Creek, Colorado. The last thing he expects is to encounter an old flame who disappeared fifteen years ago.

After high school, Ashton Eiker hoped to start a future with the boy he loved, but his world crashed when Jeff refused to bring Ash along with him to college. Ash ran from the rejection, but returned to Crooked Creek a year ago, bringing his confectionary talents and opening a chocolate shop. When the great uncle of a childhood friend names Ash in his will, he could hardly anticipate getting a helping of his past in the mix.

Jeff and Ash jointly inherit the historic Jeremiah Rabbit House, and are forced to work together to meet the terms of the will or neither will have the mansion. It’s a battle of opinions, shared personal history, and present attraction, but the true prize isn’t the Rabbit legacy. It's the chance at something better.

Whitley Gray

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