Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #59: Meet Beck and Zach from High Concept

Welcome to the blog of Whitley Gray—cops and doctors in hot water. And My Sexy Saturday! Here are seven paragraphs from the book High Concept, the first time Beck and Zach get intimate...
The exploration paused as Zach unbuttoned Beck’s shirt and pushed it off. The cool air of the room raised goose bumps, and a pleasurable shiver waltzed over his skin. Under Zach’s hands, the gentle inspection continued, and as Zach’s fingertips reached the scars covering his shoulder, Beck let out a shuddering breath. “’S okay. Doesn’t hurt.”

On this puckered skin, Zach’s touch brought a mix of pleasure and pain, like the agony before orgasm. Beck huffed a breath. Who knew that hypersensitivity could be erotic? Or was that because it was Zach’s hands on him? No one got to see the damage, never mind touch. Hell, Beck didn’t like to see the patchwork of skin and scar overlaying his joint and chest.

With an aching sweetness, Zach kissed the thick pink landscape of the scar, traced his tongue along the margins. And Beck melted. In the face of this tender care, all his reserve, his refusal to feel something other than lust, evaporated. As Zach kissed along his collarbone, soft hair tickled Beck’s throat, the strands carrying an echo of lemongrass aftershave. For a moment, the other man paused and rested his ear below the scars.

Oh, God. He’d hear how Beck’s heart was beating like a bass drum.

“Come here,” Beck whispered. He bit the sensitive area between Zach’s neck and shoulder, and Zach groaned. Beck soothed the mark with his tongue. He made quick work of the buttons on Zach’s shirt and pushed it off, revealing a sprinkling of blond hair.

Zach’s questing hands unbuckled Beck’s belt, slid to the base of his spine, and journeyed beneath his boxers, stroked the bare skin of his ass. Desire amped up. This was it—the need they’d ignored the last few days, circling each other, wanting but not acting. Beck ground their hips together, stiff cocks dueling through their clothing. The scrape on Beck’s cheek, the pain in his ribs meant nothing. Fucking had first priority.

He clutched Zach’s taut ass, kneading through the layers of clothing, gratified at the jut of the hard cock against his own. A sharp pinch on his left butt cheek made him jump, and Zach’s tongue thrust between his lips, bringing more of that unique taste. Intoxicating, these kisses, and it had nothing to do with the sweet remnant of spearmint flavoring Zach’s mouth.

HIGH CONCEPT is available at Loose Id,   AllRomance Ebooks, and Amazon.

More about High Concept:

Denver homicide cop and shooting survivor Beck Stryker lives to solve the case that left him with PTSD, chronic pain, and killed his co-investigator four months previous. Now his career hinges on his ability to work with the man who shut down his advances two years ago.

After last parting ways with Beck, psychiatrist-turned-FBI profiler Zach Littman never anticipated seeing the detective again. Being sent to Denver to work on a series of killings that have continued after the only suspect died is bad enough. Discovering the detective in charge is Beck leaves Zach gritting his teeth and girding his loins.

The last thing either of them needs is romantic entanglement with a fellow investigator, but danger is a powerful aphrodisiac. The case heats up, and friction between them ignites a fire neither can ignore, first at work and then in the bedroom. As they zero in on the plot behind the murders, the crosshairs zero in on Beck and Zach.

Whitley Gray

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