Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thomas Grant Bruso and A Light in the Dark

Thomas Grant Bruso has debuted a different kind of short story. It's a peek into the lives of two men...A Light in the Dark. He's kindly agreed to answer some questions and give us a snippet.
Name three things you’re scared of. Heights, war, and the loss of a new endangered species every day.

 You’ve been offered a guest spot on your favorite TV show. What is the show, and who is your character?
“How to Get Away With Murder”— One of the accused.

You’ve been commissioned to paint a mural. What do paint, and why did you choose this subject?
I would paint owls and sharks in their natural habitat. They are my favorite wild animals. They are stunning, enigmatic, misunderstood creatures.
Your book is being made into a Broadway play. Who would play the leads?
Rupert Everett and Tom Riley.

Do you plan a sequel for this book? What can readers expect next from you?
I do not like describing the next chapter in my characters’ lives as a sequel, per se, but rather a continuation, which I am in the process of writing as we speak. I have more to say and further plans for all of the players in my short story, A LIGHT IN THE DARK.

At the moment I am juggling a handful of writing projects, which I hope will reach readers sometime in the near future. But publishing is such a mysterious, uncertain industry that authors never know from day to day if their work will ever see the light. Fingers crossed!


Christian Rivers has been single for a year and a half. Emotionally disconnected, he focuses on writing his next bestseller. Unfortunately, his neighbor’s teenage son, Bret Hicks, causes trouble next door when he invites his buddies over to hang out, smoke marijuana, drink, and abuse Bret’s dog, Darth Vader.

Incensed, Christian phones Milestone County’s Sheriff Philip Erickson to lay an animal cruelty charge. When Sheriff Erickson arrives, the two men have coffee, and a spark of attraction that has been developing between them since they met, flickers to life. But Philip is on duty and has to leave.

Later that night Christian wakes up from the sounds of breaking glass as someone forces entry into his house. He calls Philip but before the sheriff arrives, Bret appears in the door of Christian’s bedroom, drunk and wearing a Halloween mask.

In the aftermath of the drama the suppressed attraction between the two men comes to a boil, leading to new hope and mutual satisfaction for Christian and the sheriff.
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