Sunday, February 9, 2014

Twelve Random Things About Me

Thought I’d let you guys in on a few details about me—some more interesting than others.

1.     Light roast coffee. One cup in the morning.
2.     Last song added to ipod: Eli Lieb—cover of “Wrecking Ball.”
3.     There are more than six hundred books on my Kindle.
4.     Pop is a rarity for me. Usually in July when it’s hot and I’m driving.
5.     I keep paper and pen by the bed for those borderline conscious epiphanies.
6.     Jeans, not khakis.
7.     I love Clementine oranges.
8.     Two cats—one is a Maine Coon and weighs twenty pounds!
9.     Boxer briefs, not boxers or briefs—for the characters, that is.
10.  I read my first M/M book in 2008—Josh Lanyon.
11.  I prefer room service to a tent in the woods.
12.  I grew up skiing, but haven’t been in years.
Tell me something unique about yourself!