Thursday, August 30, 2012

GOING FOR GOLD dives into action

It's here, it's here! The London Olympics are over, but the fun lives on. The Paralympics started this week in London, featuring the world's best physically challenged athletes. There were some fabulous victories at the Olympics--no doubt. But watching these Paralympians raises goose bumps. Just to be brave enough to learn the sport is something else, and then to compete on a world stage... Goose bumps. In my little corner of the world, GOING FOR GOLD has been released at MLR Press. If you like hot men in an Olympic setting, be prepared to sweat. From my story Shoot for the Gold: Matt Justice has worked for years targeting an Olympic gold in shooting. Physician Levi Wolf has kept his heart under wraps since the death of his partner. Before the shooting finals, an accident threatens Matt’s ability to compete, and Levi discovers risking love can win the best prize of all. Check out these entertaining reads, and get your Olympic fix. Check out those paralympians too. Going for Gold is now available on MLR's website: GOING FOR GOLD